Rooftop Sprinkler Defence System: Embers-S-guard™

Publication date 21 Dec 2017

Original Assignee  Martin@C

prototype-rooftop sprinkler system

The present invention is a fire protection system which can be mounted on any uneven or odd shaped surface of a roof without requiring any additional mounting apparatus. The Embers-Guard Sprinkler protection system has a plurality of sprinkler assemblies connected together in series. Each sprinkler assembly has a water manifold pipe, a pair of H-shaped supports, and a sprinkler head connected to the water manifold pipe. TRIANGLE plate affixed to upper ends of the legs for pivotally connecting the H-shaped legs to the water manifold pipe. Locking hex nuts extends through respective plate slots and locking the H-shaped legs in a selected pivotal angle of adjustment (180 degree for each leg). During use, the support legs of the front and rear H-shaped supports are supported by front and rear roof sections of a house with the apex of the roof extending between the pair of H-shaped supports. Also it can be easily mounted on the rails of the fence, or any uneven or odd shaped surface.

Also it can be easily mounted on the rails of the fence, or any uneven or odd shaped surface of a roof without requiring any additional mounting apparatus.

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  1. Be protected be safe
    A rooftop sprinkler system Ember-S-Guard is adapted to protect homes from falling embers in the case of a wildfire or bushfire. It is also foreseeable that an owner can use the Embers Sprinkler System to wet the rooftop of houses on a hot day to cool down the house, for general irrigation purposes, or wet summer fun.
    rooftop sprinkler for irrigation and cooling

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